Bond Trading

The treasuries are debt financial instruments issued by the state to cover the needs for financial resources. The treasuries give the right to their holders to receive monetary income through a discount from the nominal value and / or through the payment of a fixed or floating coupon (interest).

Due to the high liquidity and their guaranteed repayment by the government, the treasuries are a dominant instrument in the financial markets. Investors in treasuries are most often commercial banks, insurance companies, pension and investment funds, companies from various business sectors and individuals.


MK Brokers offers the following services:

·   Participation on the account of customers on primal auctions of the Bulgarian National Bank and the Ministry of finance,

·   Sale and purchase of treasuries on a secondary market,

·   Trading with global bonds, emitted by the Republic of Bulgaria,

·   Trading with LSBC bonds (Settlement of non-performing loans) for participation in privatization and repayment of debt to the state,

·   Stock exchange orders for purchase and sale of treasuries registered for trading on the BSE-Sofia,

·   Repo transactions with treasuries.