In connection with the provisions of Art. 38, para 4 of the Markets in Financial Instruments Act, here you can find complete data on transactions concluded on a non-regulated market and a multilateral trading system, with shares admitted to trading on a regulated market.  (BG language)

Deal on 28.03.2011 г.

Deal on 13.09.2011 г.

Deal on 28.09.2012 г.

Deal on 27.02.2014 г.

Deal on 28.02.2014 г.

Deal on 03.04.2014 г. 

Deal on 20.04.2016 г. 

Deal on 05.05.2016г.

Deal on 01.11.2017 г.

Deal on 05.12.2017 г.

Deal on 20.12.2017 г.