In connection with the extraordinary security measures, as well as the declared state of emergency regarding the spread of COVID 19 on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, as of 16.03.2020, MK Brokers AD / former name “DISL Securities AD / will continue to serve customers under emergency security measures and prevention of the virus spread, as follows:


1. Cash payments and conclusion of contracts on the spot in the office of the company shall be suspended temporary until a subsequent notification for resumption of the work process in view of the development of the general factual situation. Payments through bank payment accounts shall be possible.

2. In order to prevent the investment intermediary customers, as well the employees from COVID 19 spread, the visits to the office of the company are temporarily suspended until further notification / except in urgent cases at the discretion of the management for each specific case /.


Any other communication - by phone, e-mail, website, etc. remains operational. The above measures are taken to comply with the general restrictive regime imposed on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria and to protect your health!

We remain responsible for you and your investments!