Fiduciary Services

What it represents:

Management of an investment portfolio of securities and financial instruments traded on Bulgarian and world markets, which gives an opportunity for higher profitability compared to the traditional investments’ forms. The management of the customer’s financial assets is performed at the discretion of the investment adviser, and the risk is entirely for the client.



·                   Save time and make money - The product is for investors who do not have the necessary free time or qualifications. The investment advisers conduct an in-depth conversation with the investor and choose the appropriate investment strategy for him and structured the financial instruments’ portfolio.

·                   Use of a personalised product - Your individual preferences, considerations, investment goals, even emotional attitudes, as well as the definition of specific restrictions in the management of financial assets’ individual portfolio may be realized by the investors through a conclusion of an assets management contract with professional managers, that have the appropriate qualification and experience,

·                   Receiving of higher profitability - The asset management provides an opportunity for higher returns for the investors compared to the alternative forms of savings, for ex. bank deposits,

·                   Definition of the investment amount - As an investor with us you can withdraw or deposit money at any time without any penalties or commissions,

·                   Determination of the investment term - The investment deadline depends only on your needs and can be changed at any time,

·                   Provision of safety – the safety is determined by the fact that the purchased securities are directly owned by investors. You always are in possession of money and securities in your name,

·                   Affordable commissions - When you gain, we win too - the remuneration of our experts is determined as a percentage of the investor's profit,

·                   Earning from the knowledge of our specialists and use up-to-date and summarized information.

·                   Regular reports on the status of your investments,

•           No taxes are due on capital gains.


What you should know about your assets:

·                   They are kept in your personal client account, separately from the assets of the investment intermediary under the Public Offering of Securities Act,

·                   Your free funds can be withdrawn extremely quickly and easily, and be transferred to your account,

·                   Your assets are managed by a team of professionals,

·                   Maximum safety for your funds - they are protected by the Investor Compensation Fund (up to 40 000 BGN).