Registration Agent

Investment intermediary MK Brokers AD has a concluded contract with the Central Depository for carrying out activity as a Registration Agent, which includes the provision of following services for customers:

·                   transactions with financial instruments previously concluded directly between the parties,

·                   transfer of dematerialized financial instruments when inherited and donated,

·                   change of data of the holders of dematerialized financial instruments,

·                   data correction,

·                   request for status of a financial instruments’ portfolio,

·                   issuance of duplicates of certification documents and other activities provided for in the Rules of the respective Depository institution.


All services for registration agent’ activities can be requested in person or through an authorized person, provided with a notarized power of attorney for the respective actions. An exception is the issuance of a duplicate of a depository receipt. In this case the Central Depository AD does not allow authorization actions.



This service includes the registration in Central Depository AD and on BSE - Sofia AD / if necessary / of transactions with financial instruments, previously closed directly between the parties. The documents required for this are:

·                    notarized sale and purchase contract. An original or a notarized transcript of the contract shall be preserved by the intermediary,

·                   original document certifying the ownership on the securities, subject of the transaction / depository receipt, temporary certificate.


The documents are submitted to the intermediary's office, where both parties sign and submit an Transfer order for the respective financial instruments.



If you intend to donate or acquire financial instruments through a donation, the first step is to conclude a donation contract. The contract should be notarized, and you should consider that the original document shall remain in the archives of the investment intermediary. If you are not sure about the text, we can assist you in preparing the document. Other required documents are:

·        original document certifying the ownership on the securities, subject of the donation / depository receipt, temporary certificate /, if you have one.

·        tax clearance certificate when it is due. According to Art. 44, para. 6 of the Local Taxes and Fees Act, the properties acquired by donation between relatives in the direct line and between spouses are not taxed.

Once you have collected the necessary documents, we will waiting for you at the intermediary's office, together with the person from whom you are acquiring or donating the financial instruments, in order to submit the respective Transfer Order.



The securities of deceased persons cannot be sold directly, regardless of the agreements in principle between the heirs - it is necessary to carry out an inheritance procedure.

Mandatory documents are current certificate for heirs (not older than 6 months) and a notarized inheritance settlement agreement (in case the heirs are two or more). You can receive the necessary forms and explanations on the spot in our office.


Change of personal data

If you want to make a correction of the data, submitted for you to the Central Depository AD, it is necessary to submit a request for change of personal data in the investment intermediary’s office.


The required documents are as follow:

• All original documents certifying the ownership of dematerialized securities / depository receipts /.

• In case of change of the data for PIN, a certificate issued by the ESGRAON service or the Civil Status Division at the respective municipality for the names and the PIN of the person should be presented.

• Court decision or other act for change of name / act for civil marriage / when the change of personal data is realized through such acts.

• Other documents certifying the requested change of data.


After data’ successful registration, the Central Depository AD shall send an electronic message to the investment intermediaries to which the person is a customer and shall print depository receipts for the securities held by the person in personal accounts. Please note that there is no change in the personal data of customers holding compensatory instruments. The correction of data of such clients is performed in accordance with the provisions laid down in the Compensatory Instruments Act and the Ordinance on the activities of the Central Depository for registration of the issuance, transactions and for making payments with compensatory instruments. In case the same person owns compensatory instruments and other types of securities, the change of the data in the registers of the Central Depository through a registration agent is performed only in respect of the other types of securities.

Duplicate of depository receipt

Provided that you do not have a depository receipt for the owned securities, through us you can submit an order for issuance of a duplicate from Central Depository AD. The document is required upon sale of the securities and certifies that you are registered as owner.

Preparation of a report on stocks of securities (portfolio)

MK Brokers AD prepares a report for all securities, which are kept under a given name in Central Depository AD. The company organizes the process of issuing a portfolio in case of documents’ loss and in case of uncertainty of the owner in which issuer is his shareholding.